Your Preferred Way to Smile

At Allo Dental, we strive to maintain a “Healthy Mouth Baseline” as we believe the mouth is the gateway to health and wellness.

We know that you work hard for your money, and we know we can provide high-quality dental work at a reasonable cost without compromising safety or quality.

Allo Dental was founded by two dentists who have been highly trained in their respective specialties and have been dental professionals for years.

The founders of Allo Dental have also been part of successful practices. However, after countless discussions of how our dream dental office would look and feel. We were inspired to create a professional and unique dental center catering to “quality over quantity.”

So, one night we decided we shouldn’t let it just be a thought “But a creation of what is now Allo Dental.

Every step of the way, you’ll be met by bilingual or fully native English speakers. But you’re more than welcome if you want to practice your Spanish!

We’ve designed our dental clinic to suit our patient’s unique needs. We know that we are not your regular clinic that you take a 15-minute drive to.

We, therefore, help ensure you have a great experience from the border (or airport) while you’re here and after you leave.