The Best Experience from Door to Door

We’ve designed our dental clinic to suit our patients’ special needs. We know that we are not your usual clinic that you take a 15-minute drive to. We therefore help ensure you have a great experience from the border (or airport), while you’re here and after you leave.

Meet the Allo Dental dental team in Tijuana

Our Initial Consultation

We will always conduct our initial consultation over the phone. We will together define what your needs are.

If you already have a treatment plan from another dentist we’ll look it over, but in every case we design a new treatment plan.

Preliminary costs of treatment, timeline and important things to know.

Before you come to our office, you will receive:

  • A full treatment plan

  • An overview of the costs of treatment

  • Dental itinerary (explained below)

If you live close then you are more than welcome to come in for a consultation in which we can talk about your treatment needs in person and show you our clinic.

Our office

Arrangements for Your Stay

If you’re coming from San Diego you can down for your specific treatments. We’re happy to pick you up at the border to make the crossing easy for you. There are safe parking options for $5 a day.

If you need to fly in, we’ll help you with arrangements of where to stay and what to do during your stay when you are not having your treatment done.

We have options for any stay that you might like. Either affordable accommodations or if you want to splurge for a more vacation-style hotel, we have options for you.

For common treatments, we have packages that include the cost of treatment, lodging, tours and more.

Allo Dental! Dentist reading patient's information and records
Restaurants and hotels near Allo Dental in Tijuana, Mexico

Getting to our Dental Office

We will arrange for a pick up at the border (it’s an easy walk across the border).

The border pick-up is handled by our own staff, and is perfectly safe.

We’ll guide you to the best trip for you, but if you’re curious then we recommend this resource.

While You’re in Tijuana

Our concierge service will help you find the best things to do while you’re in Tijuana. We’ll help arrange tours of the city, wineries, gastronomy and other experiences around your treatment plan.

We also have complete dental tourism packages that with pricing that includes treatment, accomodation, tours and transporation during your stay. Just ask!

Our trusted drivers will take you from your accommodation to our clinics on time.

As mentioned, then you’ll have a full dental itinerary before you come to Mexico. It will detail when your treatment(s) take place, and when you have free time.

Let us help you get the most out of your trip.

Concierge dentist in Tijuana, Mexico
Affordable dentist in Tijuana, Mexico

During Your Treatment

Depending on your exact treatment, you’ll spend a lot or a little time inside our dental clinic.

We have amenities to make your dental treatment a comfortable experience:

  • Soft neck pillows

  • Warm blankets

  • TV and headphones in every care room

  • Sedation options to relieve potential anxiety

Every step of the way you’ll be met by bilingual or fully native, English speakers. But if you want to practice your spanish, you’re more than welcome!

After Your Treatment

Every single treatment plan and dental itinerary includes buffer time in case you have questions or if any, albeit rare, complications come up. The total time of your stay will vary based on the treatment

During this time you can catch up on some sunshine at the local wineries or other experiences that we recommend.  

You will receive a complete post-treatment kit in case you’re required to take any medication. It goes without saying that all medication is legal to bring back home.

Before you leave us we will take you to our photo studio to document the treatment that was performed and also give you a couple of pictures for your Facebook or Instagram (if you wish). Especially if you have a brand new smile you want to show it off!

Seaside beach in Tijuana, Mexico

Once You’re Home

We would love to know what your experience was, so we’ll send you some short questions about your treatment with us.

We hope to see you again in the future the next time you or your loved ones need any dental work done.